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Erasmus+-Projekt 2018-2020:

Europe 2.0 - Ellwangen and Medina virtually connected


The goal of the project is to work out a geocaching quest for both towns.

So first of all, both groups will start individually, deciding on their specific requirements (i.e. pupils will

have to choose topics and will have to decide how to gather information and how tasks are going to

be split up among the pupils; it will be evaluated how the teachers will proceed with regard to

improving the pupils’ IT and language skills needed for this project; …). After this initial phase, both

groups will get into contact negotiating the contents of the respective quests and exchanging

experiences in the working process. In spring 2019, both quests are supposed to be finished in the

respective native languages and specified for the respective local towns. The pupils from Medina will

then come to Ellwangen, try out the geocaching track in real life (and thereby gain knowledge about

specific German / Ellwangen culture), evaluate it and in teams with their German partners, translate

the tasks. The next step is the visit of the German pupils in Medina with the same procedure.

Afterwards, this first cycle will be evaluated and a second group will be chosen that may benefit from

the experiences from the first phase of the project. They will work on a new geocaching track,

integrating the insights of the first group.

So, in the end, all pupils (and teachers) are supposed to gain a new dimension of digital knowledge,

cultural knowledge about the partners’ region and country and hopefully thereby develop a “savoir

entendre and savoir faire” (Byram). At the same time, both schools as a community will also benefit

from the new experiences as teachers will be able to spread the new ideas to their colleagues and

further generations of pupils. And beyond that, this will contribute to the cultural heritage of Ellwangen

and Medina, as so far, there hasn’t been any similar geocaching project in both areas.



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