Englisch-LK besucht "Romeo & Julia"

12. Jun 2024

Am 6. Juni durften wir, der Englisch-Leistungskurs der J1, zur Schulaufführung von Romeo und Julia unter der Leitung unserer ehemaligen Lehrerin Frau Völk des St. Michael-Gymnasiums in Schwäbisch Hall fahren.

Es begleiteten uns Frau Bouwmeester, Frau Humpf und Herr Kraft, die dafür sorgten, dass wir trotz der späten Uhrzeit diese Vorstellung besuchen konnten. Das Theaterstück wurde mit der perfekten Balance zwischen dem Orginalstil mit direkten Zitaten und einer eher neumodischen Interpretation dargestellt. Dies sorgte dafür, dass wir das doch eher schwierige Theaterstück super verstehen konnten. Durch ein paar Witze verflog die Zeit sehr schnell. Auch die Kostümwahl war gelungen, da durch die eindeutigen T-Shirts mit "Team M“ bzw. "Team C" auf dem Rücken keine Verwirrung entstand, wer zu den Montagues und wer zu den Capulets gehörte. Man kann also sagen, dass es ein durchaus gelungener und sehr unterhaltsamer Abend war! Einen herzlichen Dank an die Schauspieler:innen und natürlich auch die Personen, welche im Hintergrund agierten.

Gedanken zu Shakespeare aus dem Englisch-LK

Shakespeare - the real G.O.A.T. ?!

When we think of the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) in literature, one name stands out across centuries: William Shakespeare!

He influenced the English language, storytelling, and culture. Here’s why Shakespeare has had such an influence. 1. Mastery of Language: Shakespeare's command of the English language is extraordinary. He invented a lot of new words, many of which are still in use today. Words like “gossip“ or „lonely" were first introduced by him. 2. Shakespeare’s: achievements: The topics of his plays are still discussed. It is easy to identify with his characters because they are like a mirror for ourselves. He shows us how to use language to express emotions, form characters and explores difficult topics. 3. Shakespeare's influence extends beyond literature into broader cultural realms. His works have inspired countless adaptations in theatre, film, and television. Iconic actors and directors continually return to his plays, finding new ways to interpret and present his stories.

Do you also think that Shakespeare is the G.O.A.T.? Tells us your opinion in the comments

The G.O.A.T Shakespeare

Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

This single sentence describes Shakespeare almost perfectly. The given article isn’t the only source that admits to the same perspective as ours. When we think about the past the present and the future we cannot get around mentioning Shakespeare and his timeless masterpieces which makes him the greatest writer of all time. Shakespeare's themes about love, power, jealousy and betrayal resonate as strongly today as they did over 400 years ago. His characters embody society’s and our own experiences like a mirror, making his plays insightful. Shakespeare's influence extends deeply into today’s modern pop culture. Well known movies like "10 Things I Hate About You" and "West Side Story" are based on his past plays, proving the appeal of his genius. Through his masterpieces we can enhance our critical thinking and cultural appreciation, making it clear his ideas transcend time. The English language as well as the education owes a lot to Shakespeare. He invented multiple words and famous quotes that are still commonly used today. If we learn about Shakespeare we learn about language development.

Shakespeare's genius lies in understanding the human experience. His genius and ideas will always be recognizable and remember and for those reasons, William Shakespeare is undeniably the greatest writer of all time!

Shakespeare and his influence on modern society

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) spent most of his life in London as he influenced in the Elizabethan era. In his life he spent most of his time writing and inventing figures and stories. Even today he influences society and education to the point that his plays are regularly interpreted and transformed in films, new plays and interesting frequent discussions. But what makes him different from other writers?

His plays are timeless. With twists, plots and character he brings his figures to life. So much that his writing still shows itself in modern movies and plays like “10 Things I Hate About You” or “The Lion King”, which shows similarities to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, applying to every part of society. He also contributes to today’s education through timeless themes like ethnics, psychology and social topics, which conclude to modern discussions and new ways of thinking. Especially in his famous play “Romeo and Juliet” he shows the variety of love, power and deceit. But not only did he influence discussions and the way of thinking, but also the English language itself. Through his famous sentences like “to be or not to be” or the different forms of his neologisms he contributes many new words and sentences to the English language.

In the end he still is a timeless writer with timeless plays who is still contributing to today’s life and society, enabling discussions and education

Shakespeare's impact on us today

We recently read an article about Shakespeare, which we want to tell you about. The article deals with the topic of how Shakespeare's works influenced literature and how they still have an impact on us today. First of all, Shakespeare's themes such as “power”, “intrigue” and “exploring human nature” are timeless because they help us understand multi-layered human relationships, give us lessons about life and motivate us to question the complexity of human nature.

Also, Shakespeare's works are crossing borders of classic literature and, therefore, are adapted in today's pop culture. An example for that are the parallels between Shakespeare's “Hamlet” and “The Lion King”. In addition to that, Shakespeare's literature had a huge impact on language. He invented new words and phrases that are part of these are now part of common language and his works make us explore and understand language development. Students today learn how to use language, how to express strong emotions, how to form their character and how to explore deep topics through Shakespeare.

Lastly, the article argues that it is important to engage with Shakespeare in modern education because it helps with forming your own personality and having educated discussions about ethics, politics, psychology and human development. It also sharpens critical thinking. Concluding, it is safe to say that Shakespeare is still considered one of the greatest play writers and poets today!


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